Any 60s soul enthusiast will tell you that vinyl is king. But it's getting harder and harder to find original 45s. So for those less inclined to spend a king's ransom on Motor City rarities here are some alternative listening sources More…


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The Detroit’s soul and R&B scene was not just about Motown. While Berry Gordy’s company cast a mighty shadow over the city, there were hundreds of singers, musicians, producers and songwriters who gave the giant a run for its money. Their story has remained a footnote in Detroit’s music history until now, with the publication of Keith Rylatt’s Groovesville USA.

This 320-page paperback is packed with a depth of information Motor City freaks can only dream about. As well as a history of the development of black music in Detroit there is an exhaustive A-Z of the city’s artists and musicians, and an equally detailed A-Z of the area’s myriad labels and record companies. The book is beautifully designed with rarely seen artists’ photographs, press ads, radio station flyers, newspaper clippings, and record labels.

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